Installation experience (CESM 3.0.60124.3)

One word: WOW!

Installation process has been made really easy.
COMODO went the extra mile because during the process you can register/activate the purchased license, in case a user forgets to do so prior de installation of the ESM Server. I think this was not in the BETA version.
Also, during the setup process you can download SQL Server in case SQL Server Express LocalDB is not an option for the type of installation or environment needed. Great!

Really, congratulations. The setup is really quick (for such powerful tool) and so easy.

About the agents, I have installed the offline agents for MAC OS and LINUX and I am really amazed!
I thought that after installing the offline agent for this 2 different OS, I would have to go to the ESM server console to manually add the new endpoints, but for my surprise they were already there! Is this by design or is it because I already had them added to the ESM server console when I was using the BETA build?

Offline Agent installation its really simple, but the complexity of the services and the information provided by the endpoint in the console makes this product unique by its simplicity and its power.

I am just loving it so far (still I have to play more with Windows endpoints).
And the GUI is really sexy. I am in love. (:LOV)

After the installation procedure, I could only say that there is something bothering me with my license key:
I had installed the CESM 3.0 BETA version with its license key.
I uninstalled everything (including SQL Server) and installed CESM 3.0 RC.

Looking at the license information, under ABOUT section, it shows 2 licenses:
1 for the beta version and 1 for the release candidate. I dont know if this information is pulled from or it is saved somewhere locally in the server, but I cannot seem to be able to delete the BETA license key.
I want to do this because as you can see in the image I am attaching, thanks to the BETA license key presence my expiration is reduced from 1 year (the RC license expiration) to only 64 days (date when the BETA license expires).
What can I do in this case?

Other than this, everything looks fine after the setup.
I will post my suggestions and other type of commentaries in a new post.

Congratulations, COMODO!

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Hi w-e-v,

Glad you like the GUI (we think it is sexy too ;))

Endpoints will automatically appear (or reappear if you have done an ESM uninstall/reinstall) - this is by design in case you want to upgrade your OS or ESM server. As long as your ESM server has the same name/ip then your EPs (endpoints) will automatically populate.

Re your licenses. ESM3 has been designed to aggregate licenses. That means if you need 10 licenses on the 1st February 2013 then you buy/use 10 licenses, if you need another 10 licenses on 1st March 2013 then you buy another 10 licenses and your ESM licenses manager will show that you have 20 licenses but they will have different expiry dates (10 will expire 1 Feb 2014 and the other 10 will expire on 1 March 2014).

So in your pic your 10 beta licenses will expire in 64 days and you will still have another 10 licenses valid for the rest of their 1-year life (tho’ since you have been working with us you won’t need to worry about that as we will not let your assistance go unrewarded).

Nice chatting with you again,


Ok then. Thanks for having us testers covered. :smiley: