Installation Error

I tried to install Comodo Internet Security yesterday and, as it installing, the program stopped and said it couldn’t install due to an error. After closing that window I got a notice that the error was a 1603 error.

Any idea what this is or why?

I’m running Windows XP. I have had Comodo firewall installed in the past. I do have Comodo Registery installed now. I removed Firewall a while back and decided I liked the idea of firewall/AV in one.

My bigger issue that I turned off the desktop last night and when it booted up today it’s frozen. I can get to the Desktop, but, after an hour, the hourglass is still showing for the mouse. All my icons are there, just can’t open anything. I’m thinking that part of Comodo installed and that part is causing a problem… but the first ‘error’ window said that nothing was changed on my computer.

Can you read this post from Chiron?
I think this will help you.

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