Installation Error

I failed to install the LSP for the email scanner. This is what the log says:

WSCWriteProviderOrder Function Failed with error code [10022]

Any ideas on how I can install it correctly?

Try an uninstall, download the latest beta, then re-install.

Yeah…I’ve already tried that…this time I did the following:

2.)remove program file directory and then reboot
3.)ccleaner (disk and registry cleaners)
4.)regseeker cleaning
7.)download + install latest beta.
8.)error pops up again…(although the program says that the email scanner is functioning, the LSP was never installed)

Something that has worked well for me for several problem installations: try downloading Smarty Uninstaller 2006 Pro (trial). This works a treat if you use it to uninstall programs, clears up all registry entries nicely ready for a clean install afterwards. Try this link: