Installation Error : Updater module could not be located

Hi, Josh
Here is bonas.
So I have Windows XP SP2 Home + AVG Free v.7.5.524 + CFP v.
Yesterday there was updating of CFP. And after that periodically there is a pop-up "Installation Error: Updater module could not be located".
When I try to do Diagnostics - the window “The procedure entry point_CreateFrameWork[ at ]0 could not be located in the dinamic link library framework.dll.” is shown.
System status is OK.
So What to do?
P.S.Alone home PC, I’m Admin.
Before CFP installation Outpost Firewall was removed.
If neccesarry I’ll post screenshots

Hi bonas,

Thanks for making a new topic. Seems some kind of corrupted installation. So please follow some steps to resolve your problem, You also don’t have the latest installation, obviously because your auto update wont work.

  1. Uninstall CFP 3 using Add/Remove programs. Reboot.
  2. Download CFP 3 File+Registry Cleaner here - Run the tool, Where is saids press any key, Press Enter and allow the removal process to go through, When finished Reboot.
  3. Download the latest CFP 3 version here. Install & Reboot. Now check if your updater is fully functional.


Do not uninstall by Add/Remove Programs.
May I do uninstalling by START-Programs- …COMODO…Uninstall?
And further as you’ve told?

P.S.By my recomendation my son’d installed this program. Both from your site.
He later some 3 weeks.
P.S.S. Russian site is very positive for COMODO.

Many thanks Josh! All is OK. This topic may be closed.