Installation Error, RollBack [Resolved]

When I try to install Comodo Firewall today, it rollbacked on itself after extracting all the data. I check the MD5 and they are the same. I’m running Vista Home Premium as my Os and Nod32 AV. Here is a picture. How do I fix this? I’ve already try redownloading / reinstalling.

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If you have any anti-virus-spyware-hips app running in realtime on your system (incl. Nod32), try to disable it completely (including services), reboot and install Comodo Firewall (CF) again.
If you had any firewall (internet security) software prior installing CF, make sure it is completely removed from your system.
Make sure built-in Windows firewall is disabled, so its service (named ICS on XP 32 bit). After disabling built-in Windows firewall reboot system.
If nothing helps, try to install to non-default location (e. g. root of system drive).

If still CF doesn’t install, please raise a support ticket at with clear description and error code (2). Only Comodo tech personnel may give some information about error code as it is not documented anywhere. Let us know about results :wink:

Thanks, disabling Nod32 worked.

Good to hear. So thread will be closed. If issue returns, PM any on-line moderator to open.