Installation error caused by Readyboost on Intel Turbo memory

When trying to install CTM i get the following error (see attached picture below).
I have Intel Turbo memory installed in my computer, and when I deactivate Readyboost on the Turbomemory I am able to install CTM. I wonder if I can safely activate Readyboost after the installation?

When readyboost is activated i get an ekstra drive in disk Manegement with ID 0. My C:\ partition then gets the ID 1. When Readyboost is deactivated my C:\ partition has the ID 0.

I am running windows 7 64 bit.

[attachment deleted by admin]

RAMDISK ? Attach vhd files ?

I am not sure what you mean?

just deactivate Readyboost. I think u can activate Readyboost after installed CTM.

I disabled readyboost installed CTM and restarted. After the CTM bootscreen I got a BSOD and I was no longer able to boot windows. I guess i might have something to do with the turbomemory chip installed in my system.