Installation choice

When I attempt to install Comodo Pro it gives the option of installing the version
with Defense + or a basic version. I know little about firewall setup. Which option
should I install?? Thanks for any advice. Steve

From the help file:

Next you choose whether to install the Advanced Firewall or the Basic Firewall. The advanced, and recommended, option will install Comodo Firewall Pro’s Host Intrusion Prevention System - Defense+ in addition to the packet filtering firewall. Defense+ can stop malware, viruses, trojans and worms before they ever get a chance to install themselves by blocking their ability to make changes to your operating system, applications, registry and important system files. Defense+ locks down malicious programs to the extent that you may not even require a dedicated antivirus solution.

The last sentence may be hyperbole, but I believe you would be well served with Defense+.
That is what I did and it is working out well for me.


Thanks for the advice. …Steve

I have to agree, though defense+ might be too over aggressive in some situations it caught something trying to do what it wasn’t supposed to within the first hour of having it installed.

Anything else we can help you with?


Defense+ is outstanding

I don’t even have my AV installed anymore.

CFP 3.0 +CMF 2.0 is the best!