Installation: Changing settings

Hi, I have just installed 3.5.57173.439. I got a screen ‘new private network detected’ with step 1 name ‘local area network #1’ which I assume is my broadband supplier. Then step 2 , I ticked box for ‘I would like to be fully accessible to other PCs on this network’
Later, when I was able to read the Help file I discovered that as a home user with a single computer I ‘should avoid this’. step 2.
How do I correct this? TIA

Firewall, common tasks, my networks zones, click, remove. Wait for it to pop up again and answer correctly

Thank you. I went to Firewall/My Network Zones/
There were 2 items. I highlighted the first (something about loopback) and did remove/ apply. I waited but the original window did not appear.So, I did the same with the second. Still no original window. Now when I open 'My network zones it just says ‘no items to show’. Am I OK now?

Oh oh. The original window reappeared after a restart. Thanks.

Please put back the local loop zone.

??? Do you mean, EricJH, that I should go back to the position I was in at my first post in this thread. ?
So I shld go to ‘my network zones’ remove ‘local area network#1’ and restart the computer.
Then wait for the ‘new private network detected’ window to pop up, go to step 2 and tick the first box despite the somewhat unclear instruction in the Help file:

"Step 2: If you wish your computer to accept connections from other PC’s in this network or for printer sharing, then also check this option (e.g. a work or home network). This will then become a trusted network. Users that only have a single home computer connecting to the Internet should avoid this setting."

then click OK.

(dare I ask why)

Just a simple struggling newbie! (:AGY)

I meant it would be better to put back the local loopback zone.

When My network zones choose to add a new address. Then choose an ip address mask and fill in the following: Name it Loopback Zone.