Installation Bug [v3.10.102363.531][x86-x64]

Well, seems the old good bug is still there. Notified about it here I think 6 months ago, but well…


  1. Format/Assign harddrive as Dynamic C:\Software (example)
  2. Install Comodo to ‘C:\Software\Comodo’
  3. reboot

This will error Firewall and Anti-virus cannot be updated.

Below is incorrect it is impossibility to install comodo on anything else… Hardlinking even won’t work somehow it will know…

Getting back to ya when I know can I Install the Comodo straight to hardlink.

No this is impossible. Even installed straight to hardlinked folder junction and COMODO still fails.

O I might as well dump [b]temporal solution[/b]:

1. Install Comodo to C:\COMODO (as usual somewhere on Windows Drive)
2. finish/reboot/etc etc… Finish the installation.
Easy way:
3. google up 'Hard Link Shell Extension" and install it
4. Close COMODO completely down including the ‘cfagent’.
5. move Comodo Folder to any NTFS space
6. Right click the folder ‘Pick Link Source’
7. open Folder where you originally installed COMODO & drop > Junction
8. Done
Hard way:
3. Close COMODO completely down including the ‘cfagent’.
4. Move Comodo Folder to any NTFS space
5. Open cmd.exe

mklink /J "C:\<original COMODO folder>" "drive:\<place where you did move the folder>"

7. Done

This way comodo will be functional from location you decide. Like faster drivers/flash you got.