Hi Folks,It’s been a long time since I installed CIS on my windows 7. My wife is getting a new laptop. Can I download CIS 10 and burn to a disc and install on her laptop or does the new computer have to be online? I understand I can burn the Mcafee clean up tool to a disc. Thanks Thanks

You can download the offline installer here:

Thanks for being so quick and I apologize for being repetitive but will this totally install then I go on line to update, just don’t want to ■■■■■ up ( her ) new computer. Thanks again.

Yes, the offline installer doesn’t need Internet connection to be installed. Install it, then go online at your convenience.

Thanks again for your help. This means a lot to me to stay out of the doghouse.

You’re welcome! :■■■■

New install went great. Two question, 1. My old PC with windows 7 and Comodo CIS when I look at security in the control panel. I see Comodo Defense Plus is turned on. I don’t see this with the new windows 10 laptop with Comodo Security 10. question 2 on my old PC I have HIPS enabled. On Security 10 I see it’s not enabled. Is there a place to get the best settings for a home PC. Thanks again for your help.

Sorry, I can’t help you with CIS 10. I’m still using v7. I feel the newer versions have turned to bloatware. I had a horrible experience with v8.0, so I went back to v7. I don’t need or desire all of the new 'bells and whistles" of v10, so I think I’ll hold off for a while to let them get the bugs worked out.

Stay alert, someone with more experience with v10 will probably chime in to help you out.

Answer to 1. The Defense+ was just a fancy name for the combination of the Sandbox, HIPS, and their cloud rating components (essentially a group of modules for zero-day protection). All components of Defense+ are still there, just not under that name.

Answer to 2. HIPS popups are disabled by default in newer versions to improve usability by reducing user interaction. If you want a place to get a good configuration with HIPS enabled by default, go to Settings → General Settings → Configuration → and select “Proactive Security.” I would also advise you to go to sandbox settings and disable “Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders.” By default, the Downloads folder is not virtualized which can cause problems with ransomware. If you want HIPS enabled for a home PC, then Proactive config is what I would do.

And just in case, make sure Windows Firewall is disabled, sometimes COMODO doesn’t disable it for whatever reason.
I am a user of CIS and CFW 10 and my experience has been pretty good, and system impact is low. The only components that may be considered “bloat” are the optional components which you can choose to not install, and they can be easily uninstalled (Internet Security Essentials, Dragon Browser, Geek-Buddy, and Secure Shopping).