Install Wizard won't start

Yeah, I saw that post also, and have put a “notify” tag on it to keep track.

When you say you’re coming out with a full blown HIPS - what is that? is that an acronym like LOL or IMHO? I am an old frt and don’t keep up with all of these new fangled abbreviations!

Kaspersky had referred me to a FAQ that listed firewalls that have a known interface problem with their AV. ZA was on that list but Comodo was not, so I assumed that they worked fine. Also, I have Kaspersky 6.0 and Comodo running just fine on my XP based laptop. One thing(of the many) that still frosts my shorts, is that my last ditch effort, after running all of the utilities from Trend, CA, and Zone Alrm to remove left behind traces, was to uninstall Kaspersky, run their clean-up utility, and try to install Comodo. Same result - install wizard never started up. BUT… when I re-installed Kaspersky, it kept prompting me that back up files existed - did I want to overwrite? Why did I go through the BS of downloading their utility, booting in safe mode and running it - IF IT DOESN"T REMOVE ALL TRACES!!!

I hope when you come up with a full blown HIPS that I will be able to run the install wizard (or at least get comm telling me where the wizard is hanging up), as I am not fully pleased with Kaspersky on my Win 2K Pro platform - seems to run slow and a little hinky, and I would like to replace it.

Best regards: Kevin


There’s definitely something weird going on with your computer. Too many other people are using KAV and CFP without problem; and it sounds like you are too, on a different machine. Odd. ???

As to HIPS, it stands for Host Intrusion Prevention System. These products are designed to prevent malware from getting on your system in the first place.

In general, the following applies:

Hardware Firewall - keeps hackers out.
Software Firewall - keeps malware that gets in from getting back out.
AntiVirus - detects viruses (trojan, worm, etc) that exist on the machine; may remove or quarantine
AntiSpyware - detects other malware (dialers, keyloggers, trojan, backdoor, etc) that exist on the machine; typically remove or quarantine, and may include some prevention methods as well
HIPS - monitors either a whitelist (allowed) or blacklist (denied) of known applications, and watches for suspicious activity throughout the system; alerts user and completely isolates unauthorized activity

The problem with the AV and AS applications is that they are definition-based, and will always be behind the curve to fight malware. If the definition file doesn’t match exactly, it won’t detect it.

That’s where HIPS comes in; it’s designed to watch behavior rather than definitions. By using a whitelist or blacklist, it can minimize the need for user interaction and decision-making; everything else will be caught and alerted by the behavior analysis.

Some HIPS are currently available, with limitations (especially for the free versions). Comodo is planning a full-featured HIPS that will do more than any other currently available. It will be free, and streamlined to minimize the need for user interaction.

Regarding the residue of KAV, I understand your frustration. I can’t answer your question, though. That seems to be “the way it is,” thus the recommendation of running something like RegSeeker to get rid orphaned registry entries. Sometimes even those applications miss things; nothing seems to be 100%. :frowning:

I understand that you are plain worn-out and tired at this point. If you decide that you want to continue the fight, I recommend:

Uninstall KAV. Reboot. Uninstall ZA. Reboot. Uninstall any other security software you have. Reboot. Run a “cleanup” utility of your choice (such as ccleaner) to clean out all temp files, etc. Reboot. Run a registry cleaner of your choice (such as RegSeeker) to clean the registry. Reboot.

Now install CFP. Reboot. Install KAV. Reboot. Turn off KAV and install any other security software. Reboot. You may still get notifications about over-writing existing files; allow it to do so.


Hey Little Mac: I was running CC Cleaner, and noticed a tab labeled issues, so I checked the boxes and did a scan. The results came back that I am missing the following dll’s:
c:\WINNT\system 32\msxml4.dll
c:\WINNT\system 32\msxml4r.dll
c:\WINNT\Downloaded Program Files\asinst.dll

Could this be causing the problem, and if so how do I get the missing dlls?

The “missing shared dll” messages typically occur after the removal of an application; the one that installed them. In my experience, these are marked as “shared” but that doesn’t necessarily mean another application still needs to use them…

However, in regards to restoring them, the MS ones might come off your XP CD.

If you go to Start/Run, type in “cmd”. This will open a command-line/DOS window. At the prompt, type “sfc /scannow”. This will cause the system to do a scan to check for system file integrity. If it finds anything out of whack from the original configuration it will alert you to use your XP CD so it can restore the files. Note: This will not alert you to files that have been updated by Windows, so it’s not going to undo Windows Updates…

It looks like that .dll file probably comes from SP2, as part of the MS Core XML Services 4.0; so it should be on your CD (or SP2, if separate).

As to the downloaded program files, that would depend on what it relates to… which from what I’m finding, it appears to be related to the ActiveScan feature of Pandasoft. Do you have Panda AV (or used to), or have run their online scan?