Install Windows Desktop Search 4.0 beta with Comodo Firewall running - Crashes

I am just starting with Comodo, I ran into one glitch that I thought I should report, can’t see any similar post.

This is NOT causing me any grief, because I worked around it, but not everyone is as fault tolerant as me. I dont know whether its a Comodo issue or a Microsoft issue, don’t really care much either way - I’ll report it over there in the Desktop Search 4.0 beta test forum.

I had cause to reinstall the beta of MS Windows Search 4, I wanted to make changes to what it was indexing and how it was indexing (new filters etc) and I wanted to move the index out of back lanes of D&S into its own TLF (top level folder) on another drive.

After uninstalling and cleaning up, nothing of any significance, I reinstalled. There were lots of interrupts from CFW but nothing untoward, I used installer mode as appropriate; it took a long time like 20-30 minutes , then towards the end (according to progress bar about 80% complete) it crashed, looked at the log - nothing painfully obvious. So I uninstalled (it had got as far as registering itself as an installed application), cleaned up and reinstalled. This time I did not do other things (first time I did some mail filing, looked at a couple of web sites etc) rather I kept a close watch on the alerts Comodo was issuing, nothing I couldn’t “justify” - it crashed at what appeared to be the same place.

I knew that if I went to MS they would ask if I had installed anything else since I first installed WDS 4 beta 2, and of course I had - the Comodo Firewall. So I pulled the ethernet out, killed the Comodo firewall and reinstalled WDS 4 beta 2, it went to end without a hitch and it took less than 5 minutes.


Read the stick’s under important topics. I install things all the time with no troubles. You need to put Comodo in install mode first and D+ in training mode.

I think I had some conflicts between other products and maybe even the router firewall, so I tore everything down, including the router and reinstalled, calibrated everything from outside in. The whole system is performing much much better, I reinstalled WDS 4 with no hassles, but I am running in Safe and Clean PC modes.

very happy with CFP now, ecstatic even

thanks for the tip tho’