Install & Uninstall ?

Will the new Final version to be released early next week have the past problems resolved pertaining to the install & uninstall of the Comodo Firewall ?

These problems may have already been resolved in earlier beta releases, but I have not installed any versions of this firewall and just want to make sure their will be no conflicts in the firewall software itself.

I realize that every PC is different and internal software or hardware conflicts may still occur, but I am simply asking about the main installer & uninstaller software associated with this Firewall.

Thanks for any replys!

Regards, Silverfox

Running latest Ver and have installed and uninstalled CFP 3 times now and it is working fine for me.
CPF is blocking a small multiplayer game when installed but everything is fine when un-installed.

The setting to “Allow All” or any other permission does not solve my problem.
Hopefully there’s an update soon.


There should be an update on Tuesday or Thursday to version 2.3. This is the version just coming out of its beta stages. It will use its own installer / uninstaller so fixed all the issues previously encountered with installshield.

2.3 fixed some bugs, adds more security, and has a massive reduction in resource useage - among other things.


Thanks for the reply & info.

Looking forward to the new 2.3 Final release ! With all the various issues I read in the FAQ columns I am reluctant to install the beta version.

A good friend of mine highly rates your Firewall, so I am looking forward to using it.

Regards, Silverfox