Install/uninstall - outrageous behavior!

Asus Eee, Windows 7 starter. Due to memory leak mentioned in other problem (a long time known behavior too!) I decided to do a reinstallation. Uninstalled, restarted my system and installed again. I havent got the latest installer (now with some ‘premium’ word added to cause more confusion) so I used another 4.x installer from my HDD. Installation went OK. After restart I got ‘can’t access database’ error and CIS wouldn’t start ever again.

On top of that I started to get ‘you don’t have permission to access’ for various programs on my system including my internet connection software so the computer is cut off from the Internet.

Oh no, that’s not the end of this story. I can’t even uninstall this ■■■■ CIS - neither in normal nor in safe mode. CIS installer claims either I don’t have access rights of some kind or that the windows installer is not installed!

Now this is about third time I’ve witnessed this type of behaviour of CIS installer, on different machines and from my experience CIS has by far the worst installation routine I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of ■■■■, including FSX and AutoCAD ridiculous installation quirks.

It sounds like it’s only partially installed.

Please see this post.

Any uninstallation involving Windows Installer (which CIS uses) will not succeed.

What about Revo? Have you tried that yet?

Like I said before I have no Internet access now on that computer and it will take some time before I acquire Revo. It’s my girlfriend’s laptop. I guided her step by step through the uninstallation process.

The whole systam is fakkked up. Revo uninstaller wouldn’t install (there were only empty shrtcuts for it) and even the system’s Backup and Restore will not run!!! (:AGY)

Was the system fine before CIS was installed?

If so you can still try this to manually uninstall CIS.

Too late. I already used

Unfortunately the image was two months old.