Install/Uninstall Issue[Resolved]

I’ve previously had boclean unistalled and now try to reinstall.

It keeps telling me to close the boclean in the tray, there is nothing there and when I go into task manager there is nothing there.

Any ideas anyone?

Please help as (R)

So long as you’re sure you followed the uninstall instructions (turning CBOC off with the “Shutdown” button prior to attempting the uninstall) BOCore.exe should gracefully disappear.
That said, the “new” install will still double check/nag you to be sure.
Can you continue with the install after the warnings?

I will try again. I only uninstalled it because I updated comodo firewall to the latest download and boclean disappeared from the tray

I’ve tried again and all its keeps saying is failed to copy BOC425.EXE

Help please anyone

Please confirm that:
1. You followed the uninstall instructions (turning CBOC off with the “Shutdown” button prior to attempting the uninstall) on your first uninstall attempt.
2. BOCore.exe is no longer running as an active process.

I uninstalled using the uninstaller with the program and when i go in task manager there is no boclean running, where else would i look.

What check can I do?

right i’ve managed to download it again, its in my c drive as a new program but not in my tray at the bottom and after i rebooted iy came up with a message

‘whoops boclean dll is missing’

what do I do know?

Read the manual? :wink:

Download Link, Install/Uninstall Instructions, & User Guide

[b]Uninstall:[/b] Prior to uninstalling [b]you must shut BOClean down[/b] in order to stop the service so it may uninstall correctly. You can do this using the "Shut down BOClean" button on the user interface located in your task tray (alt click on the icon).

User Guide:

First do a proper uninstall.
Next, look at the processes in your task manager to make sure you have neither BOCore.exe or BOC425.exe running.
Now read the instructions for the installation for your OS and see if it will install without giving you an error.
If it does we’ll look a little deeper. :wink:

I’ve checked its not in my task manager tray.

Do I remove anything fronm the comodo pro 3 firewall as well as it shows it running there?

To uninstall do I do this through the uninstall program that comes with boclean?

You would use the uninstall feature after you follow the previous instructions on a proper shut down before attempting an uninstall.
Have you followed through on those first?
I’m not sure what you are seeing in CPF to indicate CBOC is still running as a process… you’d have to clarify where and what exactly you are seeing.

As it is not in my tray and not in the task manager I assume I just uninstall with the button in comodo boclean?

Tried again and now it says its missing bocupdate bit.

What’s wrong with it?

I’d suggest PBKAC.



boclean doesn’t want to install again on my pc and it only seems to have stopped working since upgrading to firewall version 3

can someone pleae help me

I feel all alone here is no one going to help me


If you will re-read my requests/steps and follow me I’m more than willing to help.
You haven’t answered my questions completely at this point.
You started off with “BOClean won’t download”, do you have a copy of the CBOC install .exe “CBO_Setup_4.25.exe”?
Yes or no?

already installed or when I try to install it

Do you have a copy of the CBOC install .exe, “CBO_Setup_4.25.exe”?