Install under windows 8.1


A simple question thats it.

There any info about how to install comodo internet security on windows 8.1 any extra steps ?

why i ask i have multiboot system on each have comodo installed working good, however i notice on this os windows firewall dont not turn off automatically and maybe other things.

I had no special problems installing CIS on Windows 8.1 but I too had the issue with the Windows firewall not turning off. Worse than that, even if you do turn it of it seems to turn itself back on again periodically. I use file and printer sharing on my home network so I can’t disable the firewall service (you loose file and printer sharing if you do that) so I turned the firewall off in the Local Group Policy Editor (Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Windows Firewall > then configure all three firewall profiles to off).

well what i did so far was disable windwos firewall from services, suggest on mydigitallife forum, working atm lets see.