Install Switches

Is there a list of install switches that can be used with CSC? the only one i have discovered so far is /S /NCRC.

thx, bfrg

The following command line can be used for installing Comodo System-Cleaner:

setup.exe /S /D=x:\path

setup.exe /S /LANG=1033 /D=x:\path

setup.exe is for the exact name of your System-Cleaner setup,
x:\path is the path where you want to install System-Cleaner,
LANG is for Language Codes, and these are as follows:

English - 1033
Estonian - 1061
French - 1036
German -1031
Hungarian -1038
Italian - 1040
Korean - 1042
Polish - 1045
Romanian - 1048
Russian - 1049
Simple Chinese - 2052
Turkish - 1055

Thank you for your support.