Install switches for latest version of CFP?

This questions was asked about five months ago with no workable answer given.
Are there install switches for CFP, latest version? Switches are needed to allow setting all the install options and provide a silent install.
In the earlier thread, it was suggested to try ‘-s’, but this was reported to crash the installer.
Thanks for any help…John

Do you mean as in, How certain things can be installed in certain ways? Comodo allows 3 options during installation.

Installing: Firewall+Defense+
Installing: Firewall+Leak protection (only SOME HIPS)
Installing: Firewall only.


Thanks, Josh123 for your reply.
Yes, I am interested in all the options and the switches that can be specified in a silent install as in an unattended Windows install.


I’d like to know this as well. (:WAV)

i guess this isnt going to get answered

It surly does not look like we are going to get any response. I was hoping one of the experts would let us know if this is even possible. Or just maybe, a developer would begin to think about making this possible. From searching the MSFN forum, it looks like several people have tried and failed to find this information, therefore it seems impossible to accomplish silent install. Our only hope is that the CFP team will include this functional attribute in a later release.
We can hope…John

Take a look at my other post;msg159796#msg159796

Ok…i just saw your post. I’m sure it would be helpful i had any idea how to do any of what you just said…

I just came to the forums because of this very issue. I really like the Comodo firewall. I mean, i feel like it’s better than any other one i’ve ever used. My problem is that i am not an advanced user by a long-shot, and i really don’t understand posts like the one above this.

I just switched back to Comodo because Zone Alarm not only (i’m pretty sure) allowed a rootkit or something foul into my system, whatever it is made changes to the registry regarding ZA and shut it off !

So…i uninstalled my OS, and am now in the process of reinstalling. Again. Using dial-up. :cry:

On top of everything, i am considering installing SP3 (which requires me to shut off my antivirus and be out here in the wilderness unprotected for hours…remember…it’s dial-up :'()

That’s frightening enough, but now…i feel chained to the desk because i’m using Comodo for better protection, but i have to be here to click the daggone button every 2-3 minutes when it asks me continually if i want to change from Installation Mode (which i don’t think i do, do i ?). I’m scared to let things run without it being on installation mode because of what just happened with ZA, but i really need to go to the bathroom too. I haven’t started the download because i was hoping to find a way to do this without being chained to the desk. Looks like it’s not gonna happen. Let me go now…

Comodo people…engineers…oh gurus of protection…please grant users this wish of being able to install without being asked the same thing every 2 minutes. I appreciate the protection, but there has to be another way, especially for clueless users like me. I love your product, and feel safer with this than ZA or Online Armor…i just wish i was more of a techie. A lot of this stuff is way over my head.

Any and all help/suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks in advance,

cluelessasusual you don’t need to answer to that “you wish to swich back to previous mode” if you want to keep CFP in installation mode.
If you don’t provide an answer before the countdown ends that dialog will assume you replied NO and CFP installation mode will not be stopped.
As soon that dialog will appear you can click the YES button to stop CFP installation mode.

Installation mode is intended to be used only to install an application and it should be closed as soon as the installation is completed.

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