Install signatures stuck at 90% on Windows XP

I have the free version of comodo anti-virus version 7.0.3, database version 19072. Every time this thing asks for attention and it tries to download and install these signatures it gets to 90% in the finalizing status and just sits there. So far it finishes if I leave it alone for a long time. This morning it has been sitting at 90% for at least 15 minutes now. The rest of the download and install only takes a minute to go through but once it hits the install signatures at 90% it just hangs. I do not get an error, it just hangs there.

I really hope there is a solution to this and not a ‘just uninstall and reinstall it’ approach.

Thank you for any thoughts and your time.

Update: This was posted at 7:19am and it is currently 7:34am and still at 90%

Ok here’s something odd…I got tired of waiting so I hit Stop. It then took me to the main screen and I still had the button for ‘Fix It’ so I clicked it again and it instantly said secure and turned green. So even though the install was hung up in the progress window, it seemed to have finished in the background and never updated the progress control. Just thought I would let you know as this may be a bug in how the updater sends back the info to the view control that it is finished. No clue. I got it to finally complete. Tomorrow, however, will be a repeat of today until something is addressed.

Thank you again and if you have any insight into this issue please reply to this thread. Have a good one.

Hi tripwater,

Did you check here?
If the issue persists, don’t hesitate to reply with additional information.