Install question

Just installed latest version - i told the installer to install without Defense+ , Firewall with leak protection.
When Comodo started Defense+ was running - no problem I just disabled it.

Question is how do I know if the firewall has leak protection installed?

I found a setting under Misc-> Manage My Configurations and set it to “Optimum Security”:

                                             COMODO - Network Security

(check mark here - text very light ) COMODO - Optimum Security

Maybe this turns on leak protection? (Also completely stealthed my ports with wizard)

You do actually need Defense+ on in the anti-leak mode. This anti-leak mode merely turns off some Defense+ options. I believe the configuration ‘Network Security’ corresponds to this anti-leak mode, while ‘Optimum Security’ corresponds to full Defense+. Comodo developers probably should change the description of anti-leak mode to avoid this confusion.

thanks for the info - i reactived Defense+.

You’re welcome :). Also, your last post didn’t indicate whether you changed your configuration to ‘Network Security’. This is the config that corresponds to anti-leak mode (fewer popups from Defense+ than ‘Optimal Security’ config).

i just switched it back to network (pop ups aren’t that bad though - i may use optimum). thanks for the help. :■■■■