İnstall program with sandbox

Hi, is it possible install program with sandbox, when ı try this program is install correctly or all installation files is lost and delete?

If the program asks for administrative privileges, the installation will be corrupted.
It does not matter if you use the Automatic sandbox or the Manual sandbox (virtualizattion).

Maybe V. 6 of CIS, that will bring AS with virtualizattion will offer the option (fewer restrictions) to install correctly even with administrative privileges .

Let´s hope so.

I received your PM.

Here is the link from VT from “Money Maker”

The file does not appears to be malicious (First seen: 2010-08-27 21:15:01), but the problem was that it was corrupted (did not install correctly) because it was installed inside of the sandbox. You got a Pop up like this one (screenshot) and hit sandbox.

But to be sure use killswith Go to “View” “Hide safe processes”. If you get any unknown file sent it to VT and put the link here. Do not delete anything.

Also do a scan with Hitman pro, malwarebytes and Tdsskiller (kaspersky). They are quite fast, it will not take long and you will get greater reassurance.

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