Install program should disable windows firewall or ask user to do this

At some point I realized I’m running two firewalls as Comodo Firewall did not disable Windoze-XP Firewall (and did not tell me to switch it off either).

I think that definitely needs improvement.



+1 (being modest)

In vista, Windows Defender have same problem also.

No as you can run windows defender quite nicely with CIS.

do I need run defender with CIS? Is it necessary?

:-TU but with caveats.

In Windows 7, file sharing is dependent on windows firewall running. It’s a stupid design on Microsoft’s part.

For Windows 7, Comodo would have to change the Domain, Private, and Public Profiles to allow both inbound and outbound connections. You can do this yourself in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security > Windows Firewall Properties.