Install Problems

I’m new to CPF and I’m having a major time getting it installed and working. I have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled three times and I keep running into the same problem.

The problem is:

On reboot after running setup for CPF, the ethernet connection icon appears in the systray and show that I have “Limited or No Connectivity”. After changing several setting, which probably made the situation worse, I uninstalled CPF, rebooted, and my LAN Internet connection returned. Like I said I did this 3 times and I’m no further ahead then when I started several hours ago.

Does anyone have an idea as to what is happening and how I can resolve this problem?

Internet Connection: Static DSL - Westell Modem
Netgear Super-G Router 108 Mbps
Operating System: Windows XP SP2

I hate to be sarcastic but what good is a help forum when such a basic simple question can not get an answer within a 24 hour time frame. I guess I surprised that even the moderator for this board hasn’t ventured a reply and all the experts have nothing to say.

Oh well, I guess I will bypass using the Comondo Personal Firewall. and move on to another product where help can be obtained if needed. I hear CPF is a good product but it’s useless if you can not get it to work so I will move on to one that does so I have something more than the rudimentary Windows XP Pro firewall.

For direct support, you have . Also try to understand it’s the weekend. Usually people answer in a day. And i think there were other people asking the same as you. Check the search option in this forum for specific answers.
Since i’m no expert, i’ll just ask you this: what firewall did you have before, and are you sure it uninstalled completely?
Don’t go, you’ll never have to pay for a firewall here. And you’ll be certain it’s Top notch!


Welcome to the forum.
We try to answer as fast as we can. We have a life too.
First if you want, you can watch a install video with basic settings.,4766.0.html

Since you have a router, I must ask you if you made a trusted zone?
When you have connection problems, you should check in application monitor so that you don’t have block rule for svchost.

I apologize to have to take the route I took to get an answer however I was down on my main computer and i can not operate that way.

Thanks to both of you that responded and I will investigate your suggestions right away.

No I really did not want to go because I heard CPF is a great product albeit with some not insurmontable problems.

Yes I made a trusted zone for the router and I stiil could not access the internet.

I previously used NetDefense which is a Sygate firewall made for VCom’s SystemSuite. I was having problems with the entire suite so I uninstalled it and opted to add a standalone firewall. What is disturbing is I’ve installed CPF for many of my friends and never had a problem and “bang” all sorts of problems when I install it on my own machine.

Enough said about that. Yes “Someone” I’ve tried the link you suggested yesterday before I posted and with no success and that’s why I posted the problem.

To you “AOwl” I apologize for the harsh criticism and agree we all have a life but keep in mind that being able to operate in a safe online environment has become part of all of our lives and we get upset ant impatient when we can’t. I will check out the video link you suggest and repost if I am unable to resolve the problem.

Thanks again to both of you for responding.

Just post here again when you have installed it again, if you have any problems.


Open CFP and enable logging for ALL network monitor rules. Reboot your PC and try and access the internet. Once this has failed, open CFP and click on ACTIVITY - LOGS. Do a right click inside the LOGS window and select “Export HTML”. Please post the resulting log file back here so we can see what is stopping your net access.

Ewen :slight_smile:

The trusted zone does include the IP addresses of your PCs as well as your router, doesn’t it?

Just checking.

EWen :slight_smile:


Yes it does.

Does anything show up in your logs?

Only one item showed up on the Activity log and it is an application I denied access too.

I also checked the application monitor and there are no block rules for svchost.

I still can not access the Internet after uninstalling and reinstalling according to the video suggested by AWol and then following your suggestion relative to the Activity-Logs.

I did stumble onto something that I thought was the problem but after playing with it for sometime I still couldn’t access the Internet but I will let you be the judge if that’s where the problem is.

I noticed the Adapter was showing the IP address as which indicates it wasn’t pulling an address from the router. I have my router set to act as a DHCP server and the ethernet card is set to “Get the IP Address Automatically.” That is not happening even after many reboots. I then made a IP Address reservation in the router for the machine I’m trying to install Comodo on then I maually inserted the IP address, subnet mask, and Gateway address (router) in the ethernet card. The Adapter information in Comodo changed and was now showing all the correct information so I rebooted to have the changes take effect.

After reboot I still could not access the internet with any of the three browsers I have Installed, Mozilla 1.17, IE-7, or Opera 9.54. What I could do using another computer was view all the files on the CPF installed machine and vice versa so I know they are connected through the router. Even so, I still could not acesss the Internet. When I returned the router and ethernet adapter back to the original settings, the CPF machine disconnected from the router and the IP address returned. Rebooting did not change anything and as of this moment I cannot access the CPF installed machine. Once I uninstalled CPF and turned the Windows XP firewall back on, I was able to access the Internet.

Any additional suggestions.


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Your problem sounds very similar to other users’ complaints when they have remains of a previous firewall on their system. Based on that, I would recommend doing a thorough search/clean for all remnants of the Sygate/NetDefense firewall - files/folder/registry entries/services/drivers, etc.

Clean that out, uninstall and reinstall CPF to get a clean setup.

Hopefully that will work for you.