Install problem with CIS4 Can't install on XP with SP3

Hi all.

I downloaded installer (cisfree_installer.exe) for latest version of CIS.
I downloaded installer many times. but,Installer always says that “EntryPoint of GetProcessImageFileNameW cannot be found in psapi.dll”
Is this installer broken? I hesitate to download “unofficial” installer. What should I do ?

CIS requires Windows7/Vista/XP SP2. Is this means that CIS cannot be installed on WindowsXP SP3 ?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hello gloom,

I got CIS4 on 2xWindows XP SP3 computers :). I’ve found an article for you, which may help:

"According to Microsoft, there is only one PSAPI.DLL file in your PC and it is under the Windows\System 32 folder. Additional PSAPI.DLL file may be installed by third party programs such as SmartBridge, often the older version. If you have other versions of the PSAPI.DLL file in the system, it can cause your IE 7 or other windows programs that interact with IE7 to crash when you start it up. Beside, you may have annoying error message like above too.

To solve the PSAPI.DLL incompatibility issue and overcome this problem, search your PC or check the program folder of the application that crashes for a PSAPI.DLL file:

Open up Search from Start Menu.
Find all instances PSAPI.DLL on your PC.
Rename all extra copies of PSAPI.DLL files found EXCEPT the one located in \Windows\System32\ folder to some other names like PSAPIOLD.DLL (never delete or do anything with the PSAPI.DLL file in your Windows or Windows/System 32 folder).
Reboot the system.
After reboot, there will not be anymore conflict and Windows will automatically look for valid PSAPI file in the Windows system folder."

Thank you, Arkangyal.

I renamed all extra copies of psapi.dll and reboot system. but,installer still says same message.
file version of c:\windows\system32\psapi.dll is 4.0.1371.1, and this cause serious problem.
I googled and found ‘psapi.dll’ on the internet,and replace them. but,problem still alive.
So, I decided to re-install my system.

I’m very very sorry to bother you. Thank you for your kindlenss.

Hello, Arkangyal
I have exact same problem. and my psapi version is 4.0.1371.1.
Look at the function list:

Could you publish the required psapi version?

You need 5.1.2600.2180 psapi version.
I’ve attached my file.

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