Install over RDP - blocks evrything upon restart


I realise there are some older topics on this and they managed to get this resolved for me on an older OS but basically now i have rented a VM server 2012 but have to install the firewall etc myself.

I used to be able to import a configuration before restarting but in the new cfw installer you cannot open the program until you restart the pc. The problem is that once the pc is restarted, everything is initialised and the RDP connectivity is lost.

I was just wondering if anyone had any idea of how to go about this. RDP is the only connectivity i have :slight_smile:

And what happens if you insert the config after the restart?
Dont forget to activate and OK it.

I believe his problem is that the RDP connection is blocked after the restart, so he can’t do any configuration changes post install or reboot, unless there’s some way to suppress the need for a reboot after install so he can import a config.

Exactly my issue, i cant actually do anything with Comodo until i restart. Upon restarting im locked out. Its a bit strange that there’s no workaround for this especially given this cloud computing VMware fad we’re going through :frowning: