install-over Build 2065(custom install) not possible...?

Tried an install-over Build 2065 but ran into some problems with custom installation. When you select “Custom Installer” even if you have unchecked the AV component it will still install the suite completely.

Running the Build 2075 installer again and choosing custom install will STILL get you the whole suite.

Tried to do a “Change Install” in the Control Panel. It did the change install but when I checked it went back to Build 2065.

Ran again the Build 2075 installer and went back to where I started(complete suite). Now I would not mind getting the whole suite but still have problems with my internet connection being a dial-up. Updating the AV definition seems to go like forever. The reason also I don’t update via the updater and download the whole installation file from an internet cafe.

Right now I am bakc with 2065 and will try a clean install as with all previous versions. Can install-over be possible for this Build 2075? My experience says otherwise…Anyone had this kind of problem…?


When running the installer it is not possible to install over any previous version of CIS.

With beta testing the program updater is usually not used.

In short you will have to uninstall 2065 to be able to install 2075. You can safely export/import your configurations between 2065 and 2075.

I don’t know if this is related, but installing 2075 I deselected AV and GeekBuddy and chose D:\Prgram Files. The location and no AV were OK but GeekBuddy was installed - Revo got rid of that.

Geek Buddy getting installed while not selected sounds like a bug to me. Please report it in COMODO Internet Security 5.8.206694.2075 BETA Bug Reports. Make sure to follow the format as described in the topic start.

Yes. I did that and I have the set-up I have now. I also exported and imported the previous configuration from a safe file folder I have specifically for CIS Beta. I did not have an experience with what giraffe had posted though…might be a bug.

I do find Build 2075 a little chatty and always sandbox files that are assigned already as Trusted. When I go to Defense+ /Trusted Files and add it again D+ says it’s “safe” and already included. Just earlier I had WinRar 4/Notepad/PuranDefrag placed in sandbox.

Still observing though.