install or update problems with itunes (or i-tunes )

This is useful info:
I recently was prompted to update i-tunes. In doing so, my computer crashed… and it did so each time I removed (uninstalled) and tried to reinstall i-tunes. I needed to do “system restore” several times (I’m getting good at it… hit F8 during startup and go through safe start mode, find way to restore… another topic on line somewhere) just to get back on.

I determined: a) comodo and i-tunes installations don’t work together.

My work around: 1) download i-tunes setup, 2) turn off internet/wireless and then turn off firewall, 3) install i-tunes, 4) run comodo firewall, 5) each prompt by comodo answer with “trusted application” or “trusted windows application” in the remember mode (I don’t know what the difference is between windows and plain application), 6) Then restart (because my internet connection would not come back).

In restarting my first attempt got a “blue” screen during logging on (I hard powered down with the button). I tried again and got to my desktop. Before doing anything else, I got into msconfig (go to startup, run, type msconfig) and unclicked i-tunes and appleSynch (or whatever these were). Then restarted.

Once I was sure everything was working right, I started i-tunes, answered prompts as stated above and everything is fine. A lot of work, which is why I’m putting my experience here (I looked for a forum entry, but found none before I figured it out).


You didnt have to do all that. When ever updating or installing anything you need to put Comodo into “install Mode”. Simply open up Comodo and click “switch to install mode”. Or when you get a D+ alert after running the iTunes updater simply select “installer/updater” from the “treat as” pop up alert in D+.