Install on a tablet


i have cms 1.5 on my tablet but it does not detect the update to 2.0.
The play store does not show me the new version either.
It’s cms going te be available to 7 inch tablets from the store or do I need to keep installing through the backdoor using apk file

I also hope they make this and future version available through the Play store.

I’ve installed the version 2 APK on my Transformer tablet and Galaxy S3 and it works fine on both! The Battery Saver app is great on my phone but it isn’t installable on the tablet.

Ewen :slight_smile:

How come it is not compatible with tablets? The only way to get CMS installed on a tablet is by downloading and installing outside the Play market. And installing apps from other sources is considered dangerous by CMS

I ended up installing from outside the Play market, which is not my preferred way to install. Especially when my health check reported that it is unsafe to have the option enabled to install from other sources.

I hope to see a tablet compatible CMS some day :slight_smile: