install new version ( )over old version (

I am using ver and would like to install the new version over the old so that I can keep all the old settings. is this possible. I know that I can simply update but with the new ver clocking in at about 15 megs and me using dial-up it is easier for me to simply download the new and install that ver. I use a download manager so I can resume the download instead of starting from zero each time I need to update.

If possible – and your time permits – I recommend using CFP’s internal updater that will install v.295 over v.277. You will likely need to reboot twice: once to complete the installation of CFP and the second time to apply your previous configuration settings.

Normally, I perform a clean install after removing the previous version of CFP. However, I attempted this three times on my IBM T43 to no avail. Using the internal updater resolved the issue, in which my system would not boot into Windows.

You can export your current settings by going to miscellaneous/manage my configuration/ export and then import them again when you have done the upgrade.

It is better to use inner program updater like USSS recommended or do clean install. Do not install new version over old.

Goodbrazer, thanks for making that clarification. It’s definitely not a good idea to download a fresh copy of v.295 and attempt to install it over v.277.

In my case, only the internal updater allowed me to update to v.295. A clean install for unknown reason(s) failed on my laptop.