Install IceDragon and FF

I have quite a few portable versions of IceDragon (for different categories), and I take care not to run two at once.
(I found that I can run any single portable IceDragon at the same time as my installed FF)
Can I install IceDragon, without it upsetting my installed of FF ?
And if so, do I have to take care not to run the installed FF at the same time as the installed IceDragon
Do I have to take care not to run the installed IceDragon, at the same time as one of my portable IceDragons ?

PS The reason I wish to install IceDragon, is so that I can make it my default browser.
I find that the installed FF can get sluggish, and overheat my CPU. This has happened many times.
I never get overheating with any of my portable IceDragons

Hi Rob C,
The portable version of IceDragon and the installed version of IceDragon along with Firefox are all totally independent from each other.
They do not share common user profiles and can all be installed and running side by side with no issues or conflicts.

Kind regards.

Thank you for replying.
I will install it, and make it my default.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.