"Install Hook" showing up alot from multiple sources

A lot of my applications keep getting logged for “installing hooks”

Can anyone explain this to me? and what hooks are possibly being installed?


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That’s not normal and scary. Something is trying to hook all running processes. Install SpyShelter 14 day trail version and see ?

I installed spyshelter, at first I was getting “protection is disabled” and it wouldn’t let me enable it (in safe mode as well)… see pictures.

Then when I rebooted it came up with these… see pic 3 and 4.

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Maybe someone else can give you a better answer. Why trusted applications are giving a defense alert is confusing.

Good Luck.

Is there any other software similar to SpyShelter, that is free and provides full coverage? or any other software that can provide additional information to what SpyShelter has noticed?