install firewall and av on different dates

I plan to install the firewall first and use it for a while, and then later on install the AV part of the program. Is this possible? Thanks. esmo

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It’s possible. Then you have to click start —> control pane —> Program —> Program and function. Here you have find Comodo Internet Security and there you click on Change. Make sure that you have both firewall and AV marked.


Thanks for the speedy reply. I will try once again to load it. I aborted my last try because it would not let me change the install location on my computer. I do not like to keep applications on the same partition as my OS. I plan to have it associated with my identity, not all users. I noted that the installer file has all user. windows as its default location. Will this cause a problem? Thanks esmo

I think you will need log in the admin account. I will telll you later how you do that; I will go to sleep now.


I hope you had a good sleep. While waiting for your reply, I changed my mind and decided to install the whole package at the same time. I still want to select a destination folder of my choice. Last time I tried to do this, I was unable to change the destination folder. The install program offers a choice, but I could not change it. Is there something special I must do to be able to install the program where I want it? Thanks

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I am sorry that I haven’t replied how to activate the admin account. that you do Start —> cmd (right click and run it as adim). Now you write net user administrator /active:yes (you have to write admin in your language otherwise the commando wont work).

May I ask if CIS, during the installation, lets you choose the destination where you install it? I don’t remember.

Of what I know during an installing you will be given then opportunity to choose where the wanted application/program should be installed but that’s not the case for all installations.

If you want I can install Win7 on my WMware and check it out.

A bit off topic… Recommend you to install CSC, comodo system cleaner, because it’s stable and good. I ask you to install CSC because it will erase the remain things, such as registry keys and other suff, from an application/program that has been uninstalled.

I recommend these settings before you begin to run CSC.

run CSC. CSC —> Settings —> General. Here you mark all besides the last option.

CSC —> registry cleaner —> settings. Here you mark the second and the last option.

CSC —> privacy cleaer —> settings. Mark the second and the last option

CSC —> disk cleaner ----> settings. Mark the second and the last option.

If you reply and I don’t answer is not because I ignore but because I forget it. Send me PM then :slight_smile:


I tried to install this once before, and it did give the option to choose a destination folder. The problem was that it did not make the change I selected. I’ll try again, and I will keep you posted. I create a restore point before installing new software so I can get back to where I was before the new install. The CSC sounds interesting. I’ll check it out. Thanks