install failed

when i finished the install of comodo antivirus 3 boxes pop up saying
1.on access driver installation:cant copy allowdbe.dll driver installation failed???
2.cant export winsock2_backup.reg error opening file???
3.error code 106:unable to install comodo launch pad ???

then it says restart computer,i reboot and when windows boots up a red shield in task bar sits there saying on access scanner is disabled


Why not try to enable the on access scanner, just open CAV go to On Access Scanner and click Turn On. Post back what happens plz.


tried that and nothing happens,double clicked the icon and nothing at all happens and right click icon and select enable but nothing happens?uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times and same thing happens.


As I have never heard of this issue you may want to contact support at

Given that (1.) is a driver install and (2.) attempts to extract info from the registry, do you have any other security software running - HIPS, other firewall, AV, AS etc.?

It smells like something is stopping low level access.

Ewen :slight_smile:

i have ewido,adaware,spybot,a2 squared(all are on demand only free)uninstalled avast before installing comodo

Are you logged into your PC as a restricted/limited user or admin user?

i was logged in as admin,what i did was restored my pc to an earlier time(xp backup)and installed it again and it worked,its up and running.i have no idea why it would install but it must have been something with my pc,keep up the good work comodo