Install CPF remotely ?

is it possible to install it over remote desktop ?
the question i’m wondering is that is it possible to make it start in ‘allow all’ mode when running for the first time

Hi mikk36, welcome to the forums.

Well… no, it is not possible to install CPF & get it to have a default setting of Allow All. However, there is script that backs up CPFs rules (here). Basically, this just exports them out of the Registry into a REG file, for importing later. So, you first craft the rules on your system & make sure they are 100% correct for the target system. I say, 100% because you will only get 1 chance at it. The reason is, is that CPF protects its own registry settings & once CPF is running, you will not be able to import to CPFs registry area.

So, create the rules allowing you to access the target system. Export them to the REG file. Install CPF on the target system (it doesn’t run until you reboot). Import your REG file to the target system’s registry and only when your 100% satisfied that the import has worked, then you can reboot. Then CPF should pick-up your rules & assuming you got them right, allow you access.

If you mess up, you’re left with the tricky situation of trying to disable CPF from the Recovery Console or packing your bags for a trip. ;D

I hope that helps.

nice :slight_smile:
that seems fair enough :slight_smile: (since i can install the same os in vmware to test it out)

■■■■… didn’t work… server is offline now :frowning:
going to pay it a visit tomorrow (when i also get my gsm-reset module (detachs computer temporarily from electric input))
the settings were fine in my testbed but appearantly didn’t fint there (i even set the ip and subnet settings to the same)

Slight correction. You can remerge the .REG file as many times as you want, even after CFP is installed. There are two small changes you have to make.

  1. Go to SECURITY - ADVANCED - MISCELLANEOUS and turn off “Protect registry keys”.
  2. Set CFP to ALLOW ALL

You can now remerge the REG file into the registry. Once merged, reverse the two changed settings.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

panic, one chance in this sense that if i fail, i’ll have to visit the server physically

I see said the blind man! LOL

Note to self : Try and relate your answers to the topic!

Hi mikk36

Real sorry it didn’t work… unfortunately I’ve just thought of what probably made it not work. We both focused on you the remote user & getting you access (the obvious problem)… but, what about the rest of the target system? When CFP is installed it will also pop-up for several things… system components… running Net applications, etc. If there was no operator to answer these pop-ups, then it is likely that most applications that require Net access will fail to get it & windows, itself, might also be denied.

Any attempt to get these Application & Component rules from another system, probably wouldn’t work either because of the cryptographic signatures. CFP will prompt for any key changes. You’d need to identify the version of each item to make sure they were the same.