Install CPF on a Headless Server

When using v4 with default settings you would need to open a port(s) for Teamspeak.

  1. install CIS but don’t reboot
    6.1 start the client and make the needed global rule(s) for the incoming traffic for Teamspeak
  2. Reboot S.
  1. Goto Miscellaneous → Settings and Uncheck “Automatically detect Networks”.

One question: If you are able to remote desktop into the server then why aren’t you able to click on the menu’s. TeamViewer once you connect you can do everything.

I, and I think others are a bit confused. Could you describe all the steps in 1,2,3 … format. It would be way easier to troubleshoot.

EricJH is right. With v4 there is a default rule “block all incomming” You would need to remove this before you could connect with teamviewer.