Install Comodo over Remote Desktop (without physical access)


I’ve just rented one of those dedicated servers over the net, but I have this problem:

when I finish installation, asks for reboots. So when rebooted, I can’t access my server over RDP anymore (so I have to contact support).
I’ve also tried to set “Allow all” before reboot, but doesn’t work.

What should I do?

Thank you!

There is a way. I do not remember what it is, though. It was in a fairly recent post by pandlouk (one of our Mods), and I have it bookmarked on another computer. When I get there in about 12 hours from now, I will look it up and give a link here for you. It’s really quite simple and ingenious, I remember that much…

On the morrow ~


You mean this?;msg68775#msg68775

That be the one! Thanks, Soya!