Install Comodo Firewall with Bitdefender 10?

I am considering installing Comodo Firewall, but need to know if it will be compatible with Bitdefender 10, which I am already using. When first starting the Comodo installation, it tells me to uninstall any other firewalls. Bitdefender’s firewall is part of the program, so can I just disable the firewall? I am asking before installing, and I would probably find out that way, but I’d rather not mess things up either, which can potentially happen if there’s a conflict. I did not see any forum messages that spoke to this question directly, but I did see some postings that suggested that merely disabling, and not uninstalling, could create some problems. ???

Hi and welcome,

Running two software firewalls (even with one disabled) is likely to cause a conflict, similar to running two antiviruses.

You should either leave your current setup as it is, or uninstall Bitdefender firewall if possible.


Using 2 firewalls or 2 anti virus products at the same time often causes problems. This is because most security products use similar or the same kernel hooks or may even have conflicting drivers.

Their were problems with some firewalls and anti virus products working together because some companies started using hooks that normally their sort of product would not use.

By COMODO using LESS hooks, their is more stability and less room for conflict.

cheers, rotty