Install CFP in safe mode? [Resolved]

I’ve read several times here in the forum that CFP won’t install correctly if installed in safe mode, i.e. some components won’t work (for example:;msg98030#msg98030 ). Is that true?
I habe installed every single version from 2.4 to in safe mode and have never had any prorblems. Maybe I just don’t see them ??? As a consequence of the above mentioned posts I installed RC1 in normal mode although I don’t feel so good about it. Thus, I thought I’d just ask: Can you install CFP in safe mode?
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BTW. This is by far the best firewall I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen quite a few). (R)

Hey grampa. Normally safe mode is reserved for diagnostic purposes or to avoid driver conflicts during installation. Alternatively, people can just disable other security software during installation. In more serious cases, it may be necessary uninstall them as CFP usually has to take priority / be installed first because the other security software could also contain low level drivers that load even if they are disabled after logging into Windows.

Hey Soya,
thanks for clearing things up. If I uderstand you correctly, it’s always better not to install in safe mode but to disable other security software? This might be paranoia but am I not quite vulnerable with everything disabled (if only for a short time)? I guess not if I suspend my internet connectivity for the time the installation takes.
That leaves me with one last question as I installed AntiVir in safe mode as well:
Is it possible that AntiVir and CFP installed correctly in safe mode? Or is it more propable that the installation is corrupted and I am not computer-literate enough to recognise it?
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Yes. I was about to post about the safe aspect while the security programs are disabled: If you’re on broadband internet that’s always on, make sure to PULL THE PLUG or DISCONNECT from the internet before you disable the security program. This of course, assumes you don’t have a router or software firewall during this installation moment.

As for your 2nd security on AntiVir & CFP both installed in safe mode - I can’t really answer as I don’t have the first one and as always: everyone’s system is different. What doesn’t work for somebody might work for you. If you ever do encounter strange issues, this point is something to look back.

Thank you Soya,
I guess you provided me with all the info I needed (:CLP)
Question answered in no time, again. Comodo users rock!
grampa. (:WAV)

Yep. First thing in the mornin’ :smiley:

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