Install CFP 2.4 on Win98 "Runtime terminated unusually"

CFP2.4 wont install on windows98se. Causes “runtime terminated unusually” error. Some of my software will only run on win98. I note the runtime issue has been discussed here before but not with win98. Will CFP 3.0 run on Win98 or is there another solution? Help Please, Empro. : (:SAD)

CFP 2.4 - System Requirements

* Windows XP - 32 bit version
* Windows 2000 - 32 bit version
* Windows Server 2003 - 32 bit version
* 64 Mb RAM
* 32 Mb free disk space


I don’t know that there is anything available these days that will run on Win98se. The last I heard of any firewall product running on Win98se was some 3+ years ago, and that was for an already ancient version of ZoneAlarm.

Since Win98se isn’t supported by Microsoft anymore, there are no longer patch fixes or updates to any problems that are found these days. If you have to be using Win98se, I’d strongly suggest keeping it away from any contact with the Internet.


Like mentioned, CFP doesn’t support Windows 98. If you want to connect to the Internet, I recommend using a router with built-in hardware firewall.
Tiny Firewall support Windows 9x, so you might want to give it a try. Here you can download it:

I don’t know if they support Windows 98, but you can download the installer and see for yourself.

These links are from, a site with some old versions for a few programs. - ZoneAlarm - Sygate - Outpost - Kerio

I don’t think there’s a modern quality firewall that supports Windows 98. Most only support XP and Vista.


Thank you, Ragwing, for that list.

Eyeballing the ZoneAlarm list, the one that I vaguely remember being the last 98se supported version was ZoneAlarm 3.7 or 4.5.

I know that V7 support windows 98, you can download it here