Install as partially limited in sandbox.?

I have an exe I am not sure about. It passed comodo cloud scanner. If I run it partially limited in sandbox can i safely install it and use it
Version 5 up to date

Is having cloud scanner a privacy risk and does it take private info to the cloud?

It depends on the the file will try to do, if it will try to modify protected folders or registry keys, then it’ll most likely fail.

Cloud scanner just checks file hash with online (cloud) database, it doesn’t sand any other info (other than file hash).

if it has a trojan?

I mean some programs copy files to system32 folder and adding themselves to autorun - those programs won’t insall properly in the sandbox. And other programs just copy their files to a folder you chose - those will most likely install fine.

If it is just a program (not an install) then in most cases it’ll run fine under partialy limited.

what is the difference between an install and a program?

Install is like an archive that contains files and registry entries, so it needs to be “extracted” before program can be used.

A program can run “as is”.

it is a program then not in a zip or any compression