İnstall antivirus module

Hi, ı use comodo firewall and defense, ı want to try antivirus, how can ı install ?

Click the Start button, select Programs → Comodo → Comodo Internet Security (May be called Firewall Security) and run the Add and Remove Components wizard. By selecting Change, you can add the AV to your existing installation.

Antivirus module provide real time protection?

Yes, it does.

Ok, ı install antivirus module, try update virus database, it is 121 mb , why it is to big update file?

There are over 19 million virus definitions in the database. After downloading the initial database, the updates are quite small.

updates are automatic or manual? Where can ı set ?

They are automatic. If you go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning, you will see the option Automatically update virus database. If this option is enabled, the AV will check for database updates every 30 minutes.

If you don’t want automatic updates, you can disable this option in the Real Time Scanning settings, and leave it enabled in both the Manual and Scheduled Scanning options. That way it will only update the database if you manually run a scan, or a scheduled scan runs.