Install a new CIS version over existing version


I’m using the latest CIS version. A question for the future. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to install a new CIS version over the existing older version?
Or would I need to uninstall first?

(I have not installed CIS Fire Wall).

Thank you.

If the versione is the same (for example, from CIS 8.2.0.XXXX to 8.2.0.YYYY), you can use the integrated auto-update.
If the versione changes (for example, from CIS X to CIS Y or even from CIS 8.X to 8.Y), most of the times is better to uninstall the older version before installing the new one (and even like this it’s not 100% sure that you won’t have problems).

You can also check here Comodo Forum

Hello Jon79,

Thank you for the detailed reply. I appreciate it.

Best regards.