Inspiration for better protection software


I have found the following document on the net, and thougth that comodo might get inspiraiton for making their protection software even better. The document talks primary of antivirus, but some of it might apply to firewall as well, and protection-software in general?

Do they have valid ponts?

Their point is rather clearly an indictment of AV software and seems completely justified, as far as it goes.

For the life of me after looking through this document, I have no idea what their solution is…

Comodo products are generally based on the idea of preventing malware from running, from protecting “good” code from being corrupted and from allowing “good” apps which might run from injecting “bad” code or calling bad code to be run. This seems to address the main problems presented and there are several products in development at beta stage from Comodo which are quite effective.

The CFP3 which is of to a stumbling start in terms of installation difficulties and the unfortunate neccessary evil of customiztion to each users computer, and in terms of acclimating users to a new paradigm, is nonetheless quite powerful and incorporates much of the Comodo technology into a release of software which is working for many, but driving many up the wall who are crying “bug” when they can’t get it to work. (Some consider it a Release Candidate or Beta and not ready for final release, but to be fair, the problem is in large part lack of user sophistication, which although it is a fair criticism of Comodo, who should ahve foreseen the difficulty, is not the one being made.) l