Inspect.sys crashing my computer! Please help!

I keep getting a BSOD on my PC it is caused by 'inspect.sys and the crash has destroyed several downloads overnight.

I am using the latest official release of Comodo – not the alpha.

My PC is:

CPU 3.8 Intel core duo
GPU nvidia GFX 6600GT
WinXP Pro

Thank you for any help.

Anyone? Any advice on this? Please?

Hi Alex Janes. Welcome to the forum.

Now I know you’re not Jack Bauer, but that doesn’t mean “jack” to me :D. This commonly means a driver conflict with CFP and another program.

BSODs Please add your minidump files here - for more info.

My brother’s pc had this problem as he also downloads a ton on uTorrent overnight. Ever since I disabled his Component Monitor, he never experienced the inspect.sys BSOD. Coincidence? Maybe.

Thanks so much for responding Soya! (:NRD)

I saw that answer about disabling ‘Component Manager’ doing a google but I tried that for two days and it didn’t help.

The thing I’ve noticed in common is utorrent. I love Comodo, so I will not use utorrent anymore until there’s a fix. (:KWL)

Appreciate you’re getting back to me!


I forgot to include: I also disabled logging on his CFP. Right-click in the Log window and uncheck all them and set the logs.log file (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Personal Firewall\Logs) to read-only. This may only be relevant if you suspect uTorrent is the trigger.

Thanks mate! I’ll give that a try. I am still trying to setup so that I can save a minidump but so far it doesn’t work – I’m so stupid about this stuff! (:SHY)

The link I posted above shows how to set up the minidump. There are lots of ways to reach Pandlouk’s screenshots on the settings, such as through Control Panel or if you right-click on My Computer icon to access the System Properties.