Insecurity after updating?

Updated to 439 last night, got to the point of Restart and left the box open - I was doing some research in to mobos and didn’t want to close Opera.
Anyway, about an hour later there was a flicker in the system tray that caught my eye, quick look and Comodo’s icon had gone!
Quickly disconnected, closed all apps. and hit Finish to restart.
Thing is, had the F/W and D+ gone when the icon went? If so and the PC had been unattended…!

Hey, was cmdagent running? thats the core process. That’s the main thing as long as you have that you are secure even if the GUI crashes.

If you experience this problem again please submit a bugreport.

Sorry Kyle, I don’t know. After I’d rebooted I realised that I should have looked.

Could do with an option t cut the connection if the F/W does go down.

That’s why a good thing is too…
Comodo → Defense+ → Advanced → Defense+ settings- > “Block all unknown requests when application is closed”

Not exactly what you wanted, I hope it’s enough… Any new Executable shouldn’t be able to run even if they do terminate defense+… Heh! Haven’t see one do that yet :wink:

I’m going to put that suggestion into the wishlist… “Block all internet traffic if application is closed”

It happened the same with me. But, I think it only happened because I termined, through D+, the msi installer of an application. Then the CIS icon just disappeared when I was going to terminate one other process.

I’ll report this to the bugs section, though. It may be a bug.

Best regards

Bad news: that was already selected.

Thanks for putting in the suggestion; some people might want to be connected with Comodo off for testing purposes but the danger from being on line for an unknown time with no f/w active is great.
I saw one report where an undefended computer using a fixed, previously unallocated IP, was hit in 35s!

Scary isn’t it? Firewalls are a must now days :frowning:

I am curious. What kind of hit???

Sometimes I think that we are unnecessarily becoming uber paranoid. Anybody have an idea that how long should we keep a fresh Windows XP machine connected to the internet (FRESH*… OK ) so that it get seriously hit. Not a ICMP flood or things like. Hit in the sense that one causes some serious damage.


It’s also happening to me. While updating CIS to a more recent version, at least “cfp.exe” get’s terminated but is not restarted after the update process. If you start “cfp.exe” manually after the update, you’ll get the Firewall/Defence+ notifications again.

But I think cfp.exe should be executed automatically again, after the update is complete and the user selected, that he doesn’t want to reboot his PC at the moment.

I saw the article a few years ago. It was by an IT pro who’d just put in a new system and tried a PC to see what would happen. I can’t unforget the details thobut.