Hello world, i’m OMAR from Algeria, i’m new here, I like this forum and I have a question:
Why do I find difficulties in access to this forum and does not open to me only with difficulty ?

Either you have a slow Internet. Either you have an older browser that not support the site. Either you have a virus Kido, which blocks access to all anti-virus sites.

thank freind! i use firefox 3.6.12 and IE9 and chrome 7, and my internet is good, and i use too CIS 5, than ownly this forum is slow.

Here in the U.S., I don’t see any slowdown.

If you open a CMD window and ping, what do you see?

Perhaps this is because of the SSL connection.
Just try to shut down the SSL connection by klicking the small lock, top right next to “LOGOUT”.

I use HTTPS and don’t see it adding any perceptible overhead.

Please note that When I enter with my “ID” the conection is better and normal.

Can you describe in more detail what happens when you are navigating to the forum and when on the forum?

Welcome OMAR. With its security verification and encryption once logged in it is noticably slower on some systems mine included than before logging in. What do you actually mean with difficulty to access, if it is just slower after logging in I would say this is normal?