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I have (based upon my COMODO rep calling me and suggesting it SEVERAL TIMES) installed the COMODO Internet Security on my laptop before it was replaced by CIS Free. I’ve had pretty good success with it and installed it on my desktop as well. Now that I am servicing customer computers I have been suggesting the COMODO product - but they changed it and now IMO the CIS Free product is an ABSOLUTE POS! I’ve installed it on a few machines (of customers) based upon my fairly happy success of the previous version (which I use on my laptop) - with a CLEAN install of Windows XP Pro (not even Vista or 7) and a few programs (which I have uninstalled to find the problem - thinking that it was the other programs - but it doesn’t matter) the initial virus database update and initial scan will freeze the video and cause BSOD 75% of the time - causing my clients (basic home users) to yell at me like I don’t know what I am doing. It’s SO SAD - since one would think that COMODO would read these posts and see that the product is VERY SPOTTY. Even worse - the COMODO techs have apparently NOT responded to any of these posts - at least none that I can find. SUCK!

There are MANY, MANY bugs with this product - I have NO IDEA why they felt they needed to change it (to makeit worse I guess)

I hate to say it but I have to agree…this new version is just awful and so much head work to get things working…what happened? It should not have to be this hard and confusing. :frowning:

Can u see it, devs? U’ve missed something with the new version, something that Avast wouldn’t miss. They gave people THE new product and new feel. Comodo made a great job but wouldn’t show it - people get a dusty grandmother’s chest. Psychology.
BTW do you have marketing department?

Hi, Innovate2000,

CIS Version 3 is a mature and stable product, becasue it has released for about 1 years. You should keep your clients using the version 3 from my experience. I have some experience in a lots of new software technology product, most of them acting the same way – new version (V1 vs V2, and V2 is new product, if V2 vs V3, then V3 is a new product) always has a lots of bug and unstable. The new one is a new baby, they have lots of unknown issue for shooting. I think CIS V4 maybe is acting the same pattern of the new version release in the software world.

Hi Innovate2000,

Currently i only see 1 BSOD post at the CISv4 topic, have you emailed your BSOD? Have you posted your BSODs somewhere with details?