Inno Setup generated installer detected as false positive

I’m a developer of a new application.
We are preparing the install version for the release. We use Inno Setup from Inno Setup for installer generation.
This installer generates a tmp file during install. The tmp file is detected as CloudScanner.Trojan.Gen[at]2[at]1 by Comodo.
The strange thing is that this is only the case when we use the option to sign the uninstaller file with code signing certificate. This option is enabled by default. If we disable it, the generated setup file is ok for Comodo.

Here is an example installer with both installer and uninstaller signed. It’s blocked by Comodo

Here is the version where only the installer file is signed. It works with Comodo.

Comodo version:
Database Version: 20694

Is it a bug in Comodo?

Hello slawekrewaj,

Thank you for reporting this, we’ll verify it and get back to you.

Best regards,

Hello slawekrewaj,

Please check if the .tmp file (SHA1:97b767cb66ae86cac51e030a0c30cb0750dfd727) is still detected with DB 20710.

Best regaards,