Who or knows that it is necessary to make what to become the moderator? Take me - i am always objective and I try to settle the conflict- i seriously, I don’t understand in what isn’t right Jaci - the moderation of moderators is necessary (moderators shouldn’t accept whose or the party and furthermore when both are right).


Hi ImLookingDefense,

Are you using some sort of translation software to post in English? If so you need to try something that works better.

I am sorry but I cannot understand what you are saying in most of your posts.

I think he trying to say this:
Could anyone tell me how I could become a moderator? I am objective and the one who settles many conflicts. I don’t understand why i cant be.
i think thats what was said or it’s what i got out of it.

  • 1, yes.

I don’t think the moderators on any forum would tolerate needless bloating of a topic by endless repetition.

If a polite warning is ignored there can be only one outcome, there is really no alternative.

It is nothing to do with the subject being discussed.

And a passive aggressive attempt to thwart the Moderator’s decision is not a viable recourse either.


Just to clarify i’m not in trouble am I ? :frowning:

You certainly excuse me, but you write to everyone tread without what or specific proposals on improvement, we then when criticize, so we and explain the point of view and the offers we bring.


What for? Your clarification was most helpful :-TU

I try to be objective too and i think that Jaki’s tone was not so friendly and i had a feeling, reading his posts that he had some personal antagonism to Languy and his reviews.
that’s why I think Mods decided absolutely right suggesting to settle it between them in ■■■

Maybe the tone was not friendly, and i do not support what Jaki said, and not only speaking of the tone.

But i don’t like videos either (or at least what we are speaking of, testing and not tutorial videos), should they come from a plain member or a moderator, as i think they cannot be an objective way of showing things.

And this asks a further question: is anyone able to criticize languy’s videos not because he would like him or not (it is not relevant, i suppose that most of us don’t know the physical person, and have thus no reason to like or dislike him), not either relying on some assumptions like what we are faced with, but plainly because languy is not an ordinary member, but a moderator, leading to think that no one is allowed to criticize these videos, even if they might seem not objective, because of the only fact he is a moderator?

In the case Jaki wants to critisize the methodology used by Languy it makes more sense to start a separate topic instead of hijacking a topic and start antagonizing Languy. The latter and former are not allowed in the Forum Policy. Where I think the latter is the biggest of the two offenses.

I am sure that in spite of the fact that Languy 99 is a Comodo Mod he is not a Pope, who is so holly that cannot be criticized :a0. But there are two types of criticism: the constructive and not constructive. Jaki’s posts were not even criticism. They were just open verbal confrontation and attack on Languy. I am just a forum member and a new one, so there are more experienced members than me i am sure, but i think many will agree with me that the forum it’s not the place for personal conflicts between members or members and mods or between altogether :P0l.

Of course Languy’s video’s can be criticized - with absolute disregard for the fact he is a moderator here.

The videos are not published under a Comodo forum moderator banner of any sort. They are published under the online ID Languy was using long before he joined these forums or became a moderator.

Regardless of who created them, the videos can be criticized. Personal criticism of the author of the videos however, is another thing.

Ad hominem attacks are simply not permitted.

It’s widely accepted that it can be difficult to correctly interpret “tone” in the written word, particularly in international forums. Personally I would have had a PM chat to both and asked them to cool down a notch or two, but that’s just my opinion and I think most know my opinion of opinions. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have understood your point of view guys, you are right Jaci not followed raise tone and its critic wasn’t constructive.

Excuse for this topic, Alex.

What is your native language? Maybe you could help the team translate Comodo from English. :slight_smile:

Certainly, I will help - I Russian, CIS it is already translated into Russian, it is simple when nobody is projected GUI reflects that while translating there is no place to write - crudity of designing, I in the person to the designer would spit - excuse, but such emotions at me

This being said, and reading again what Jaki wrote, i only saw a high degree of delirium speaking of “asian malware” as opposed to “occidental malware” without any circumstantial proof or argumentation, all of it written in a very approximative language and probably not representing conscious xenophobic words but only some “E.T.-like delirium” (it is far, we don’t know much of different cultures, making it enough to be “evil”), but not any “ad hominem” attack.

Ты используешь какой-то автоматический переводчик? потому что скажу честно понимать то что ты пишешь можно но с напругой 88)

Sorry for Cyrillic, but i’ve been thinking may be ImLookingDefence would understand my question in native language better. I remember he was asked if he used some kind of translator but he never answered.

Excuse, yes, I use the translator. I can understand on english, but I am not able to make a phrase - I will study :slight_smile:
Sorry, Alex.