Injected DLLs and the Component Monitor List (ver


I have some questions about the Component Monitor and inj. DLLs:

  1. Will there be a popup for a DLL, wich is already as “allowed” in the Module Component List ?
    ( I mean, a DLL could be used by an app normally, therefore, will be allowed (learn or manually).
    Then, maybe some days later, this or another app (wich is allowed too) loads this DLL into the
    space of another (allowed) app. Will there be a popup, just for the injection, or is a trusted DLL
    always be trusted too,when injected ?)

  2. When I change the state of a DLL in the Component Monitor List, is it true, that a reeboot is required, before the DLL (or the application using it) is blocked ?

  3. Same as 2. but when I remove a DLL out of the list ?

  4. Comes out of the logic of 1.: When an DLL injection occurs, and the action is allowed and “remembered”, will the DLL be just inserted as allowed into the Component List ? Or is there a special mark, that injection occured ?

  5. When I allow and “remember” an injection, will subsequent injections of the SAME DLL into ANOTHER app be allowed without popup too ? (is there a “per app” rule ?)

THX and hope for answers